Quality Control

As a specialistic agent in China we know which quality standards our client expects. Our quality control processes create assurance and clarity about the quality and the condition of the products at the factory. Avoid risk by performing quality inspections.

Quality Control in China (QC)

Quality control in China, also known as a “QC”, is vital in making sure that the imported products meet the appropriate quality standards. To avoid losing investment due to importing substandard quality products, the quality checks are carried out on manufactured products on location. Quality control gives you insight into the condition of your products. It provides detailed knowledge of the manufactured products which allow immediate action in case of production errors. Resolving production errors are very difficult once the product has been imported. Quality control on location is therefore of great importance. We offer foreign based quality control processes which indicate in detail in which conditions your products are manufactured. Knowledge about your product and performing quality is an importance when buying products in China. Our specialists execute qualitative quality control.

Foreign based product inspections

As we are a fully foreign owned company we execute product inspections differently. Our specialists execute product inspections on a higher level. We see what other Chinese inspection companies don’t see.  Our inspectors carry out the inspections carefully, accurately and qualitative. The approach of our inspectors is from a foreign perspective based on a worldwide perspective.

Product inspectie in China door China Import Leads

Bespoke Quality Inspections in China

China Import Leads employs specialized inspectors which apply their knowledge and experience to performing quality control in China. Because our clients demand can vary we offer a bespoke support service to our customers. We create a bespoke inspection plan which fits the needs of our client and based on the product requirements. This to ensure that there will be no manufacturing errors hided.

Our quality control result in both approving and rejecting products. When our client’s products are rejected in quality control we can offer support and customized solutions. We can immediately anticipate and offer solutions to deal with production errors discovered during inspections in the future. Thanks to our customized solutions we can prevent future manufacturing errors. Our quality control is created according to client and product specifications. We deliver a unique service and bespoke solutions.

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