Problem Solutions

When buying in China you may experience a business conflict or problems with your current factory or supplier in China. We offer specialistic solutions for problems and business disputes in China.

Problem Solutions in China

Buying successfully in China is not always without struggle. While establishing a reliable and profitable sourcing channel many problems and pitfalls may occur which need to be resolved first before sourcing activities can be continued. Doing business in China is in principle not easy. Bespoke assistance and support in China is therefore often necessary. By offering assistance and solutions we can resolve a range of problems in China so that our customers may continue to build reliable and profitable procurement sources in China.  

Issues with supplier/factory in China

It is possible that you might encounter a problem or conflict with your current factory / supplier in China. All sorts of different problems or conflicts can occur between you as a company and factory in China. To arrive at a good and profitable solution to a problem with a supplier in China it is necessary that negotiations with the factory are held on location. The chances of a positive outcome during problem solving negotiations are much more likely when these are held “face to face”. With this service we offer help and support in solving problems with suppliers in China. Every problem is virtually unique. Therefore, we offer a bespoke support service.  

Solutions for business conflicts and problems in China

  • Conciliation during business conflicts
  • Drafting bespoke solutions
  • Accurate solution of problems with supplier in China
  • Advice and support during negotiations in China
  • Performing negotiations in China

Every problem or conflict is approached in a unique manner, as every problem or conflict is virtually unique.  With offering solutions and support during problems and conflicts in China we pull out all the stops for our customers.

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