(Personal) Guidance

When travelling to China, you can expect that your trip goes not effectively and successfully. The offer of (personal) guidance, organizing trade missions and assistance at fairs in China contribute to the success of your business.

(Personal) Guidance in China

For anyone wanting to do business in China, going on location is a good idea. Discovering first hand where and under what circumstances the products are manufactured will provide clarity and essential knowledge. Yet we recommend our guidance when you go on a business trip to China. Barriers in the areas of language, mobility, experience, local knowledge and primarily business knowledge can quickly lead to a disappointment. Because your business trip should be effective, valuable and successful we are offering you tailor made guidance in China.

Business trip to China

As a specialist in China we feel personal guidance from a business perspective is a matter of course. Our goal is to make your business trip in China as profitable and efficient as possible. We can plan and arrange entire business trips from factory to factory and participate personally by offering personal guidance in an advisory and translating role. We also organise and provide guidance during entire trade missions in China. We offer a bespoke guidance service from a business perspective.

Personal assistance in China.

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