Factory check

Our Factory check makes it possible to verify, to check and analyse factories in China on all essential aspects within the factory. Become clear on the production processes and discover who you are really doing business with by means of documentation and images.

Factory check / Factory audit

We verify and thoroughly analyze a factory in China. We provide your company with the necessary resources in selecting the right factory for your business. In addition, any obscurities can be brought to attention so that risks may be reduced to a minimum. A factory audit provides your business the assurance of having the right procurement source in China. We analyze and inspect all aspects and components of the factory, its production processes and current manufactured products. These components provide a detailed and clear picture of the factory itself, its processes, working methods and level of quality. This service makes it possible to verify and analyse a factory in your network. 

Foreign Factory check / Factory audit

We understand that companies are looking for an independent and correct judgement of their factory. As we are fully foreign owned in China we work independently for our clients. In addition, we know exactly what our clients expects from the supplier and their manufactured products. As a foreign owned agency located in China we understand and know which standards are needed for buyers around the world. Our Factory check is executed by China specialists. They analyse your target factory in China and verify all aspects which are influences and involves the whole buying process. 

Fabriekscheck op een fabriek in China door China Import Leads


Within the factory check/audit we provide our clients documentation about their factory in China. We inspect, analyse and test the factory in China throughly, independent and accurately for our clients. Our specialists provide documentation about all aspects of the factory. In this manner all aspects which involves the buying process are highlighted. The documentation will indicate whether our client is in business with a suitable procurement source in China.

Our Factory check verifies, checks and analyze factories in China.
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