China Import Leads meets the demand for valuable Chinese factories and suppliers. Because we perform a selection and comparison process from our database, based on the requirements and needs of the customer, we offer a bespoke service in selecting the best Chinese factories.


We know which conditions and aspects are essential for the establishment of a reliable and profitable procurement/buying source. Creating the best sourcing conditions when importing products from China is a priority if you want your business to succeed. We provide access to the most stable and reliable buying sources in China.

Factory in China


China Import Leads owns one of the largest databases of Chinese factories and suppliers. This extensive database enables us to select the most suitable Chinese factories and suppliers for your company. We can select the best possible Chinese factories and suppliers per sector and/or product thanks to our interaction with these on a personal level.

Comprehensive Report

This service gives your company access to the best factories suited to your requirements and wishes. We make this statement due to the fact we go the extra mile rather than solely selecting from our database. Initially we conduct a comprehensive comparison process by selecting multiple factories from our database. From this selection, we visit these factories in person, we analyse and compare them. From this comparison process we select the supplier we feel best suits your needs and requirements. China Import Leads BV ensures delivery of the best and most valuable Chinese factories thanks to our comparison process. Our client will be provided with a comprehensive and detailed report on the selected Chinese factory. The report will cover all aspects of the factory and comprehensive information will be supplied on each of these. Due to the thorough selection and comparison process you are assured of the best Chinese factory.

Do business directly with the best factories and suppliers in China.
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