Buying Agent

As specialist in China, we know exactly what quality standards are essential. As specialists we create security, reliability, control and influence over the manufacturing of your products from the supplier in China.

Buying Agent / Procurement service

The most essential part in running a successful business is to have access to the best sourcing tools and suppliers. As the best sourcing tools and suppliers will generate profit for your company. A procurement department can be compared to the foundation of a building. When the foundation is poorly constructed, the building will sooner or later collapse. If we compare this to the running of a company’s procurement department it shows that it is essential for the growth of your business for all procurement activities to take place at the appropriate sources and with the correct tools. Our service as buying agent in China meets the demand for these resources. This service supports and guides you through the entire sourcing  process or we can carry out all procurement activities in China on your behalf.  Our type of service guarantees that your sourcing in China is of good quality, profitable and accurate. With our buying agent/procurement service we meet the demands for an extension of your company on location in China. This service creates the opportunity for companies to be involved and influence the entire production process. Our Buying Agent/Procurement service assures our customers that products are imported under the right conditions and of correct quality.

Foreign (Specialists) agency in China

As foreign agency in China we simply know which segments and standards are essential in order to source products from China which meet the desires and demands of our clients. Our specialistic working methods are based on the conditions and requirements of our client’s customers. This service creates the certainty of having a foreign China specialist on location who leaves nothing to chance and your company can be sure of importing products which meet the correct price and quality standards. We assure your company of profitable and reliable sourcing and importing products into and out of China.

Our service entails

Our services as specialists in China are detailed and comprehensive. We literally take care of all the activities necessary for importing products at the right price and quality. Below are a number of services we offer your company as buying agent in China.

+ Contracting     + Negotiating     + Product inspections     + Detailed control     + Loading supervision

We are dedicated to your sourcing activities in China. Our Buying Agent service meets the demand for creating an extension of your company in China.

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