Assistance & Support

In search of assistance and support in China? Our specialism in China can be employed to regulate certain matters and ensure their implementation in China. Our help and support can be requested on both an ad hoc and a structural basis.

Assistance & Support

For companies it can be a difficult task to arrange certain matters in China. This may be caused by various reasons, however the fact remains that doing business with and in China, while being based somewhere else in the world, is not the most efficient approach.  From both a financial and productivity point of view it can be advantageous to have assistance available on location. This applies for various matters which are better dealt with in China. We therefore provide assistance and support in China on both an ad hoc and structural basis.

Ad Hoc support

It may be that your company needs certain matters arranging in China as soon as possible. As your office is based in another part of the world, the distance may add problems. It may also be the case you simply do not possess the resources to arrange affairs in China. China Import Leads in this case offers an ad hoc support service. We can arrange matters in China on your behalf to reduce time and expenses. You provide us with project requirements and in return we will quote you for the time and costs involved.  

Structural support (employment)

As a company you are searching for the most productive and profitable method in arranging your procurement affairs in China. It may be that your company is incurring high costs in travelling back and forth to China and that productivity is failing to reach the desired standards. In addition it may be the case that you simply do not have the time to personally attend to affairs in China. In such cases it may be more profitable to outsource these activities. If your company has regular recurring business in China then this can be a more profitable and productive solution. We provide support on a employment basis where our services can be deployed to carry out recurring activities in China on your behalf. Based on the project specifics we will calculate how much time is required each month to carry out these tasks. By signing up to a employment contract you are assured of a highly skilful execution of your recurring tasks in China.

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