About Us

China Import LeadsChina Import Leads provides companies worldwide with purchase and business related services in China. We offer both full range and supporting business services. Our company bridges worldwide companies with China.

Our Dutch and Chinese company provides essential business services related to the procurement activities of the Western entrepreneur in China. With our valuable services we provide safe, stable and reliable purchasing activities in China. Foreign owned company we know exactly what constitutes worldwide quality, work methods and mindsets. This we also translate into the quality of our services.

Our Team

Our team consists of a motivated and dedicated Dutch management team and Chinese employees. By mixing cultures and knowledge within our company, there exists a harmonious interaction between all employees. This interaction is based on both Western business expectations and Chinese business customs. It ensures that our services meet the requirements of the Western customer as well as the capacity and competency of Chinese suppliers and factories. Our Dutch and Chinese team are continuously working towards the introduction of Dutch standards to Chinese factories. Hereby our team can guarantee that imported goods are of the appropriate quality standard.

As a team we are of service to our clients on a daily basis to ensure reliability and quality in China. Our head office is based in Guangzhou, China. I addition, our European can always contact us directly as we have a contact person based in the Netherlands also. This enables us to offer transparency to our clients in Europe.

Head office and services in China

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From our Guangzhou based head office we provide purchasing support, quality and reliability for our international clients. Our Dutch and Chinese management personnel are based at our head office and are ready to be deployed in all kinds of purchasing related business in China. In China we operate legally and accurately under the name CIL China Export Service Co.,LTD /广州欧景商务服务有限公司.

Ben Boterkooper en Kor Boterkooper China Import Leads BV
China Import Leads is originally a Dutch company founded by father Mr. Kor Boterkooper and son Mr. Ben Boterkooper. In China, the company is managed daily by Ben Boterkooper where Kor Boterkooper covers and manages representation in both the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Mr Ben Boterkooper (China) taught by his family of importers and entrepreneurs in Asia, Ben has developed into a young but experienced businessman. The vision of “Learn through experience” made him the man and entrepreneur he is today. It led him to the founding of China Import Leads. A Dutch company in China which offers essential business services.

Mr Kor Boterkooper (Netherlands, Europe) knows the import business inside and out thanks to decades of experience as both an entrepreneur and importer. As a result of his detailed and extensive experience in the Asian import business he has become a reliable source of information. Kor Boterkooper is the representative and director of China Import Leads in the Netherlands and Europe.